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Automation & AI can help coaches save time and money. It can also help coaches create more engaging content more efficiently. With automation, coaches can stay on top of their game, and stand out from the competition.

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Difficulty finding stable channels to attract new patients?

Struggling with cost-effective digital marketing strategies?

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Hi. I am Dr. Sajjan Madappady, Digital Health Consultant and the founder of DrDigital Health. I understand the difficulties you face in growing your practice and reaching your target audience. Normally, we charge for consultations on digital growth strategies for healthcare professionals. However, with an intention to support and add value to our colleagues in the healthcare fraternity, I am conducting a FREE webinar on “Digital Health Masterclass”. In this webinar, I will share my 18 years of experience and proven strategies that will solve all your branding and marketing problems, ultimately compounding your practice growth.

Click the button below to register for our FREE webinar on “Digital Health Masterclass”. Be an action taker and I'll see you in the webinar. 

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 Automation & AI can help coaches to stay on top of their game, create engaging content & stand out from the competition

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